Road Transport Service

Land transport is the most followed alternative for short distances at the national level, but also to move goods across countries in Europe and Eastern countries. Although the cost of the truck is higher than the train, its main advantage is the greater speed, due to the fact that in railway transport cars are coupled and uncoupled several times during the defined journey. It is therefore a quickly, safely, economically transport option, allowing any type of goods and a lot of flexibility, with door-to-door deliveries.

In TRANSHIPPING GROUP we know that flexibility and agility are key in land transport. That is why we offer a service adapted to the needs of your company, for each type of merchandise, volume, destination, cost and urgency:

  • Economic, national and international groupage
  • Palletized deliveries from 24h
  • Full loads throughout Europe and Eastern countries (import / export)
  • Special loads, oversized and overweight
  • Transport of dangerous goods (ADR regulation)
  • Combined truck + boat services for machinery and ro-ro cargo
  • Transportation of Isotanks
  • Combined service transport (truck-rail)
  • MiniTir / Express service

Processing of:

  • Single Administrative Document (SAD)
  • Transit documentation
  • Veterinary
  • Dual-use technology
  • EUR-1
  • Storage
  • Handling
  • Distribution
  • Locking of merchandise
  • Processing of special permits
  • Cranes for loading and unloading