Transport Service of Pharmaceutical Products

Medicines are very important products in our daily life and we buy them regularly in pharmacies. However, in order to get the purchased products to the pharmacies from the production and storage centres, there is a complex distribution chain with high requirements to guarantee the quality of the medicines. For this reason, the European Medicines Agency and together with the European Commission prepared in 2013 a Guide to Good Practices for the Distribution of Medicinal Products for Human Use (GDP).

The main premises to consider are:

  • Storage conditions during transport within the limits defined in the manufacturer’s description and on the outer packaging
  • Temperature control during transport. Most common in transport of medicines are refrigeration temperatures between 2 and 8 ºC, although they can also be temperatures close to ambient (20ºC), frozen (-20ºC), etc
  • Ensure the cleanliness and safety of vehicles that carry medications
  • Stowage of products that does not compromise their condition and packaging
  • Medications cannot share space with other products that may compromise their quality

For more than 10 years, TRANSHIPPING GROUP manages the International Logistics and customs procedures of several leading multinational companies in the Pharmaceutical sector, which endorses our commitment and knowledge in ensuring in a scrupulous way the temperature stability of each product defined in the different modes of transport according to the standards of the Good Practices Guide for the Distribution of Medicinal Products for Human Use (GDP).

Type of products:

  • Medicines for human use
  • Medicines for veterinary use
  • Dietary product
  • Food Complements
  • Cosmetics and personal hygiene
  • Sanitary material

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