Export to Africa

According to many analysts, the African continent is seen as the economic opportunity of the 21st century by investors and companies. There are a series of elements that explain this space of opportunity:

  • The strong demand for raw materials that abound in Africa and are highly required by emerging countries such as China or India. It is about mineral, energy and agrarian resources.
  • The huge population and, above all, the high birth rate and young population, guarantee sustained growth in the long term.
  • The rise of the middle class allows the development of the internal market, provides greater dynamism and makes it attractive for foreign capital.
  • Strong attraction of foreign investment, currently focused on mining resources, crude, installation of companies and infrastructure construction, which is the continent’s great deficit.

The greater or lesser degree of opportunity will depend on the policies implemented by the different African governments regarding health, education, infrastructure development, etc.

Africa is a vast continent that brings together more than 50 countries, each with different governments, policies and specificities. Therefore, we must know that if we intend to export to Africa the requirements can change completely depending on the country of destination.

TRANSHIPPING GROUP has extensive experience in export to the African continent in its different regions: North Africa, East Africa, West Africa and Southern Africa. We know the particularities of the main African countries that import European products at documentary level and boarding processes.

These are some of the main sectors in which we usually operate in exports to Africa from Spain:

  • Material for construction
  • Machinery and mechanical devices
  • Water treatment and cleaning technology
  • Hydraulic Installations
  • Electric material
  • Hospital material
  • Supplies and equipment for the hotel trade
  • Diverse industrial material

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