Explosives transport service

Dangerous goods are elements that show a risk to health and safety or that can cause harm to people, property or the environment. Specifically, explosive objects are classified as Class 1 and have more stringent requirements in handling, storage and transport than other dangerous goods. They are materials or objects that due to a chemical reaction give off gases at a temperature or speed that can cause damage; or materials that can produce exothermic reactions.

Classification of Explosives:

  • Division 1.1 Explosives with a risk of massive explosion
  • Division 1.2 Explosives with risk of projection
  • Division 1.3 Explosives with predominant risk of fire
  • Division 1.4 Explosives without significant explosion risk
  • Division 1.5 Very insensitive explosives; explosive agents
  • Division 1.6 Extremely insensitive explosives; detonating articles

At TRANSHIPPING GROUP we have specialists with more than 20 years of experience in transporting dangerous goods and, in addition, we are possibly one of the most recognized freight forwarders in the transport of explosives in Spain.

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