Isotanks transport service. Chemicals in bulk to everywhere.

An Isotank is a container specially designed for the transport and storage of liquids, manufactured under ISO (International Standard Organization) standards making it suitable for various modes of transport. This container eliminates the risks that may arise when transferring liquids from one vessel to another and offers an extremely safe, cost-effective and viable means of transport. Once emptied, the tank is transferred to an accredited washing station, cleaned in depth and left ready for the next load.

The Isotank is composed of a container made of stainless steel covered by an insulation and a protection that can be made of aluminium and polyurethane. This container is located inside a structure or steel frame that protects it. They transport and / or store all types of liquids in bulk, powders, granules and gases. A tank container can transport both hazardous and non-hazardous products.

In TRANSHIPPING GROUP we manage bulk chemical logistics through Isotank worldwide in a safe and reliable manner.

  • Maritime and land transport of Isotank: import and export
  • Customs clearance
  • Cleaning process
  • Storage solutions

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